Football-A Sport For All

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Football is a team sport that ignites so much passion among the spectators and participants alike that it is unmatched by any other sport. Football fans and players simply love the competitive nature and passion of this wonderful game. The popularity of football transcends socio-economic backgrounds, gender, race and nationality that no other sport in the world can match. People in almost every continent in this planet love to either play or watch this wonderful game and for some these people this sport is a means for overcoming their poverty. In almost every football team, you find players from diverse backgrounds and nationalities with exceptional talents that it becomes a global melting pot.


Many ardent and enthusiast football fans like Jonathan Bunge from Cleveland Ohio, who go the extra mile to popularize this wonderful team game among children, adolescents and their parents. Like many people of his generation, Jonathan’s father introduced him to sport at a very young age and he has been passionate about the game ever since. Today, Jonathan Bunge is a professional in the transport sector and his job requires him to travel to distant places with very little time for himself.

However, in spite of his busy schedule, Mr. Bunge does find time to share his views about the development of game with other passionate football fans through his blog posts. In these posts, he also emphasizes the need to encourage the sport among young children and adolescents along with experiences during his travels and interest in tattoos. For parents, Jonathan Bunge’s blog posts make interesting and informative reading into the vital life skills their children can learn from playing football along with its inherent health benefits.

Jonathan Bunge emphasizes that through football, children learn the importance of daily exercise that helps them in leading a healthier lifestyle. Football involves intense running for ninety minutes and this requires a high level of stamina. This improves cardiovascular health and burns excess calories helps to maintain healthy body weight. While playing football, children have to kick, jump, tackle, twist and turn the ball, which strengthens to the muscles in their lower limbs. Moreover, these children need to use their upper body strength to shield the ball, hold off opponents and make throw-ins that enhances the muscles in their upper body. The competitive nature of this endurance game requires these children to be physically fit and agile.

Jonathan Bunge further explains that this endurance sport instills in children a sense of team spirit. This is essential for promoting self-confidence and discipline among children and adolescence. In this sport, the team players need to rely on each other to act as a single cohesive unit. Each member of the team needs to recognize each other strengths and weaknesses to be able to coordinate with each other. This goes a long way in developing social skills like cooperation and teamwork.

Jonathan Bunge also points out those children who play football on a regular basis are less likely to be obese when compared to children who do not play football at all.