Fitness Program that Encourages the Disabled to Face the World with Fitness

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The project of Ufit is an organization for the disabled, which is funded by the Government of Europe. We see lot of physical fitness programs opened across the city.

However, a juncture where it is opened for the people with disability, it has a different implication on the routine option of doing things. Ufit is one such place headed by the UNESCO, which brought a huge difference in the life of the ones who were disabled.


The organization rose up to offer some features of fitness equipped environment, especially, to the said group. They looked much stronger both physically and mentally than a person with the abilities required, who would still shy out to do things straight.

The intention of starting up such a sector of fitness for the disabled group was to encourage them to do the best in this field. The second most thought for inception was to get well-versed physical trainers, organizations conducting the training, instructors in this regard and also businesses which supply equipment for disabled.

It was a breakthrough effort made from the UNESCO end and this is continued with further plans. There will be a conference conducted in the near future to emphasize the importance of the motto, the organization holds.

Building a trust in the minds of the differently abled, the organization aims at completing more such sessions. An inclusive fitness toolkit designed for the group is out to be moulded and used by the most charming group of the world, the differently abled!

An interesting and innovative inclusive fitness training program has been designed for the group along with the instructors who would deliver their task with the challenge to make it perfect while dealing with them. It is of course an immense pleasure to see the group ‘head on wheels’ when adhering to the directions provided by the instructors.