Final Countdown App That Energizes Your Special Day Excitement

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Keen for your special day, want to know how many days are left for the graduation, the date is coming near for the reunion but how to know? Like this and many such milestones in your life will be appearing and you are eager to experience the euphoria. With lots of latest technology advancement, there seems to be no limit in assuming anything today.


There are lots of apps developed and designed on daily basis and one of the one to quench your eagerness is “Final Countdown” app from the Google Play. Final Countdown app available on the Google Play is said to be the highest ranked app till date.

The Final Countdown app from the Google Play is available free of cost. It is like the usual timer that we have seen ticking quickly at the various occasion and events when used. It is the digital clock in the app that starts ticking quickly the moment you feed in the information of your special occasion/event.

This way it helps you to administer your tasks especially those related with the event. For e.g. you have set the app clock timer for your wedding day – the moment the time ticking begins, you will start begin your tasks about getting your wedding gown, caterers, photographers, venue selection and so on so that you are not running in and out till the last moment on your wedding day.

The Final Countdown app features with:

  • Hours, minute, seconds and days features
  • You are allowed to choose customized background images
  • It comes with twelve different types of widget skins
  • There are various types of reminder alerts for the user
  • User friendly functioning, simple and basic
  • It automatically adjusts to the different time zones as well as daylight savings
  • Big fonts

All in all, Final countdown is a killer app with amazing features that users find it irresistible.