FIFA 16: One of the most popular games

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FIFA 16 is a great entertaining soccer game being published by EA sports. For the online gaming enthusiasts the game is available for devices like PS3, PS4, Play Station Vita, Xbox, Windows, Android and IOS platform.


You can simply download the game and can enjoy anytime you want. The game will run on the Ignite engine on the PCs and will have same features that are in Playstaion and Xbox.

  • All the installment of FIFA has been very popular among the gamers.
  • Addition of new devices, platforms, Football teams and players has made it an anxiously anticipated game.

FIFA 16 has added several new features such as stadiums, commentaries and leagues to the game. The game enthusiasts can be assured of a thrilling product with a lot of advancements. 600 emotional gestures have been added in the game which the players will showcase during the match.

For adding more fun and entertainment to the game players need to add and collect the coins for leveling up. You can also opt for buying FIFA 16 Xbox one coins at cheap proce online. These cheap FIFA 16 coins are available at reliable stores such as BUYFIFASTORE.COM and can be accumulated at a very affordable price.

For instance, if a player misses a goal all the players from that team will show disappointment through their gestures. The relation between each and every player will grow as the game progresses.

If a player hits an opponent, they will be shown confronting each other in a way which will depend on the condition of the match and the intensity of the hit. In addition to it, the reactions of the crowd has been enhanced making the game look more real. Club anthems have also been added in addition to all these features.