Fantasy Football Rankings Now Being Used as a New Way to Play

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With the game of Fantasy Football hitting its 60th anniversary, starting in 1962, it has grown to 40+ million playing every year. It is a suitable time to look at how the game has evolved.

How are people playing?

Mostly through their individual leagues, with their own friends, and their own rules. Standard or PPR? 1QB or 2QB? These customizations give each league their own personal touch, but it makes it impossible to compare anyone from one league to the next.

How are people getting advice on how to win their leagues?

Mostly through Fantasy Rankings from “experts.”  People have started to create their own websites, typing every player’s name to set up their rankings, sharing them with others, and in turn becoming “experts” through the Fantasy Football Community.

How has the game evolved?

With the use of rankings increasing, and more people wanting to create their own, there has been the RancUp App which was created to help make that as easy as possible.  Anyone can now create their own rankings, without building their own website, typing any players name, or doing any of that other heavy lifting.

How does the app work?

For anyone interested in setting their own rankings, they can download the app, create an account, then all the players are preloaded for them, and they can set their rankings each week using a variety of mechanisms. Once their rankings are set, they can share them out with 1 click, and help build their audience. The platform also calculates the accuracy when the weeks are over. So, with the standard way of playing Fantasy Football (head-to-head / within your league) only showing how you stacked up against your 1 opponent or your league mates, now you can see how you stacked up against hundreds of others who are creating their rankings as well.

What if someone just wants to view rankings?

That is also possible. While RancUp is validating the next wave of experts (by tracking the accuracy of everyone’s rankings) the most accurate users are building a following, where others are using their advice week-to-week. With every user’s rankings getting updated in real time, all these rankings are crowd sourcing a massive Consensus Ranking data point, that is available to everyone. While the app was developed to make it easier for anyone who wants to create their own rankings, it is becoming even more useful for those that are just looking to get rankings data, to help win their leagues or matchups.

RancUp, and this method of creating your own rankings to compete against anyone, on an even playing field, was in their beta for 2021 but looks to really take off through the 2022 season.

The world of Fantasy Football is evolving, and it will be interesting to see where else this game goes next.