Fahad Al Tamimi: The Savior Of A Football Club Of Italy

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Fahad Al Tamimi, the founder and leading partner of TIMCO is a popular name in Middle East for its outstanding contribution in the infrastructure of mining and transportation business. However, very few people know him as the dedicated supporter of football. Unlike, most of the wealthy businessmen, he does not tend to gain money from football.

 Football, Italy and sponsorship

 Italy is one of the important football destinations of the world. Countless football clubs are there in the nation. A large number of sponsorships and endorsements encourage the clubs to continue their operation without any hassle.

However, there are such clubs also that are struggling for money. In most of the cases, such clubs do not have a good name or enriched history and for this they have become the victim of negligence of leading sponsorships.

Role of Fahad

 Located in Noto, USD Noto is one such club that is based on Sicily of Italy. Fahad Al Tamimi noticed the present condition of the club and invested a substantial amount to the same so that the club along with near community getsthe glory back.

Tamimi along with his company are pretty proud to serve as the sponsor of the club that has come with enriched history. It is interesting to note that it is through the excellent support of Farhad that the team has successfully improved their facilities of training and match day.

 The club has also renovated their stadium, Stadio Giovianni Palatucci. These days, the team used to play their home games in the stadium of Zupparda. Interestingly, such renovation of the stadium was conducted almost after twenty years.

In recent times, the team jersey of USD Noto is embellished with the logo of TIMCO. Fahad Al Tamimi invests in the club in order to improve the condition of the stadium and club along with the local community with which the club shares a strong bonding.