Factors To Consider When Choosing A Golf Putter

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If you have played golf then you must be very well versed with the fact that all the power lies in the putter. After your golf ball has been driven onto the green to the extent so that you can off the chip and tee, this is the perfect time for your putter to be at haul. For the ball to be put inside the hole with the confidence, beginners’ best putter should have typical features like non circular grips, a bent shaft and a flat striking face.

The most important moments considered in the golf game can be achieved if you have used the right putter. You should choose only that putter which gives you a right swing. Putter is used often so you should be very particular while selecting it. Here are some Factors to Consider When Choosing a best putter for beginners:

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  1. Grip:

For a player to be very comfortable, grip of the putter is significant factors to look upon. Thickness of the putter varies in following aspects materials, length, weight, shape and thickness. Softer grips provide less feedback and enhance rhythm whereas firmer grips create more impact and lessen the impact. For more range you can use longer grip, this also allows the putter to sing. The extremely popular are thicker grips.

  1. Length:

To determine the consistency of the stroke, putter length plays an important role. 18 inches is considered as the minimum length of a putter. Long and traditional shafts are there out of which traditional one is the most commonly used. It ranges from 26 to 320 inches.

  1. Putter Face:

It is available in three following types: groove faced, insert faced and metal faced. Insert faced putters are the ones which allow more stroke forgiveness by redistributing the weight whereas metal faced putters hive players controlled feel thus making them more popular.

  1. 4. Balance Type:

One of the best putters for beginners is straight-back-straight-through putting stroke. On the other hand, if arc putting stroke is your style then go for toe balanced putter.

  1. Head Design:

With signature stroke then head design is very important. Head design highly influences you stroke. Head design varies in three following types: mallet, peripheral weighted and blade. A blade putter is best choice, if you are a straight stroke player. On the other hand peripheral-weighted putter can be considered if you have intermediate skills. It has thinner and longer blades. It also has additional weight that has greater level of stroke. For a new player then mallet putter would be the best. It not only will help you in improving your performance but will also help in assisting to a lot of alignment aids.

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Best putters for beginners are really hard to find, especially when you have particular strokes. By considering all the factors mentioned above it will be quite easy for you to understand what you require and why you require it. Choosing a putter after the deep understanding about it would be considered as the best.