Exclusive Interview With Noomi

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Here at wowsecrets.org, we wanted to get the opinion of the pioneering web-based mattress company, Noomi, on how proper or improper rest impacts sports performance. Here is a sampling of our interview with Joel Onyshuk, CEO and Co-Founder of Noomi.


Interviewer: “You know, Joel, Noomi has been making some waves recently in the mattress world. We’d love to pick your brain on how you see better sleep leading to better athletic performances.”

Joel: “Absolutely. Let’s do this.”

Interviewer: “In what ways would you say someone’s overall athletic ability is impacted by sleep?”

Joel: “As a summary, overall athletic performance is maximized with proper sleep. In 2011, a study was done with six basketball players. All six players were studied before sleeping as much    as possible, and then were studied after the slept as much as possible for a two week period. Not surprisingly, the six basketball players ran faster, shot more accurately, had elevated mood and energy, and a reduction of performance fatigue. Similar studies have been done in other sports as well and similar outcomes have been cited.”

Interviewer: “We know our minds are impacted, but how are our bodies negatively impacted by poor sleep?”

Joel: “Muscle recovery and maximized strength gain is achieved by proper sleep. Torn muscle   fibers repair and grow during the sleep cycle. Interrupted sleep or poor sleep impairs the ability for the body to restore itself and grow in strength post-workout. Athletes working their bodies to the max during training exercises or game situations inhibit their ability to maximize strength potential by staying up too late or failing to sleep soundly throughout the night.

Interviewer: “Well, summer is almost here. Are there any other ways that sleep can influence the abilities and performance of an athlete or anyone trying to get in shape?”

Joel: “One big way sleep impacts us is in regards to our metabolism. Poor sleep leads to poor metabolism, and poor metabolism leads to weight gain or weight loss struggles. Much of this has to do with two hormones, ghrelin and leptin. Grehlin tells your body when it is time to eat, and a lack of sleep can make grehlin influence you to eat more often. Conversely, leptin tells your body when to stop eating, and a lack of sleep reduces the leptin in your body as well.

Interviewer: “Thanks for the time, Joel. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Noomi.”

Joel: “Thanks for having me!”


For more information about Noomi, or to order a mattress online, please visit https://www.sleepnoomi.com.