Enjoying Hiking and Trekking in Zadar Region

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Every adventurous person on this beautiful earth is crazy to go on trekking and hiking in new areas that feel like heaven on earth. If you are such a fanatic and search for the places that are enchanting and attractive then you have particularly the Zadar region as a great place to explore and enjoy the present and promise to return for more adventures in the future.

hiking and trekking

Besides this, hiking and trekking in Zadar region offers an amazing and countless experience right from the rich vegetation to the spectacular views of the lakes and Atlantic islands. Visit and take pleasure in your walking and hiking on the landscapes all through the outstanding tracks of the National Park Paklenica.

These tiny areas possess a good range of geomorphologic sensations and forms, attractive flora and fauna and marvelous landscapes that attracts tourist to visit and add a golden feather in their cap of hiking and trekking adventures.

The surrounding areas of Zadar region attract people to enjoy the view of the local waters and more complicated routes that are laid throughout the island in various combinations. In spite of the truth that the high point of the Dugi otok sea is 338m high, its geomorphologic attributes make it an accurate spot for the tourist and fans to go on hiking and trekking.

The surrounding areas are a mix of woody and stony areas that turn the unique challenges into interesting and quite adventurous to visit and make the trip memorable with the team or group.

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