Enjoy the Biggest Sports Events By Creating your Own Fantasy Sports Pool

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Well, if you’re looking for a sports pool platform that helps you to design and customize your own imaginary sports pool for the biggest sports event running out there like NHL, NCAA, NBA, and NFL, then Geo-Fencing is the perfect software for you. It is an application that makes use of GPS (global positioning systems) to mark geographical boundaries.


With a unique program like Geofencing, every pool becomes personalized. The unique technology allows venue owners to horde a promotional event at their location.

And the hardware needed to participate is provided by the clients and customers- via their tablets and smartphones. With geo-fencing, you can virtually fence around your location, when the customers are inside it. They are given the liberty to access the fencing function.

Thus, Geofencing is the perfect idea to transform your online traffic to foot traffic. A perfect use of geo-fencing is the sports location. For instance- Football Pick’em Pool… just setup your pool and promote your event in the best possible manner to garner more and more registered users. Once all have signed up, you will receive emails. The users have to be in the fence for picking and seeing the leaderboard.

It works like a Kiosk, the only difference is the Kiosk is the smartphone of the user. Just enable Geo-fencing on the leaderboard for the game nights promotion and enjoy the best of it. You will love the software for its efficacy, fencing and protection. Restrict access to pool pages with SportsDraft’s geo-fencing!