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Recognizing achievements of individuals or teams by giving them a custom trophy makes things even sweeter and memorable. Whether you are looking for a custom trophy for a golf tournament, football, rugby, equestrian, fishing, or other competitions, a good trophy maker and engraving Essex will be able to satisfy your needs. When buying trophies, there are several things to consider:

Kind of Trophy

There are a myriad of choices when it comes to shopping for trophies. You need to have an idea of what you need. Consider the appearance, materials, and of course your budget.

If you need engraving Essex services, you might want to inquire if the trophy supplier can do it. A company outsourcing this detail to another company might actually have additional charges for it incorporated in the price tags of trophies.

Browse through websites and look for the ideal trophy that you want. You can show this to the maker and see if the trophy shop has a similar or identical trophy available. Likewise, you can just ask the trophy manufacturer to show you their samples when you visit its shop.


The amount you will spend for trophies will depend on the number of trophies you will order. The more you order, the cheaper you can get them. You also need to put on the equation the size of the trophy, material, amount of details, and engraving Essex to determine the price of the product.

Artwork and Details

If you want logos, artwork, and other details incorporated to the design, ask the company how you should submit these files to them. Most trophy makers will be able to use high-resolution photos done on popular image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Proofs and Corrections

Before making your orders, most trophy shops will show you a proof. The trophy preview may come as a digital image while others provide one trophy as a sample. Make sure that you check all the details that you want to see on your trophies before giving the trophy shop the go signal to produce your engraved trophies.

You can do most of the corrections upon seeing the proof since the materials for your orders have not been cut, engraved, or painted yet. It will be best to ask for the policy of the trophy manufacturer with regard to corrections and alterations to avoid extra charges and other problems.

Length of Production

Custom trophies may take longer than off-the-shelf trophies. You need to make sure that the trophy shop will be able to deliver the goods on time especially when you know that it will outsource other services. The best thing to do is collaborate with a trophy shop that can do everything in-house.


You cannot return custom trophies to do the shop since these products will not be of any use to them. Since they are specifically designed for your needs, they cannot sell them to other customers. If something is wrong with the trophy, it should be spotted when the proof is shown to you. It will be another story if the maker does not show any proof prior to production.

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