Early Odds for NFL Division Titles

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With the NFL regular season finally getting started, football fans are ready to see some of the top teams in professional football slug it out for the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

As the top NFL stars seek to redeem their long-harbored hopes to nail down the title, the 2015-16 regular season is expected to be a chequered journey for all the teams. More so, when you consider the ability of participating teams to land on their feet even from a situation of adverse proportions.


As per the updated early NFL lines, New England Patriots (2/5) are expected to front up for AFC West for the division title in 2015-16 season. Also, they have dominated the territory with 11 division titles wins in the last 12 years. Tom Brady has been bailed out of 4-match ban and this has reinforced arsenal of the Patriots. As a result, New England will stage no-holds-barred duel for the title against all the teams.

Despite the fact that defensive changes are likely to spoil their plans to a little extent, the Patriots will still propose a daunting trail of the journey towards the title for other teams. However, that being said there’s no uncharted terrain for other teams and these teams are expected to catch New England off guard as the season proceeds. According to NFL.com, the Patriots boast of enviable streaks of 13 wins in the last 14 outings. As a result, this team will start out as strong favorites in the tournament.

The Indianapolis Colts (7/2) is one such team, which can deal a severe blow to New England’s chances of reclaiming the title. Chances are quite strong for them to pull into AFC South clothing for the division title. With odds of 1/5 pegged on them, they are expected to draw out jitters in their rivals when they come head-on against them.

The Green Bay Packers (10/21) will set out in pursuit of fifth successive divisional title win for NFC North and will seek to unleash the barrage of cannons in their firepower on whichever team stacks up against them as they seek to clinch the title. If they succeed to accomplish the feat, they will be the first team to have done it in the recent years.

The Seattle Seahawks (10/21) will take the field as favorites for the contention of NFC West division title. As their coach, Pete Carroll got it across, they have set eyes on winning the divisional title. As a result, they will make it a point to measure up to their aspirations and hold down the title.

NFL Divisional odds were provided courtesy if Linesmaker.