Different Types of Mountain Bikes

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There are so many options to consider when choosing a mountain bike such as how much suspension is needed, whether to buy a full suspension or a hardtail: these options are vital during riding.

When you go for mountain bike shopping, you should carry out research on the different types of mountain bikes to find one that is best fitting for you. The following are the various types of mountain bikes for your riding needs.

Mountain Bikes

Hardtail and Full-Suspension

Mountain bikes have shocks in the front and rear, in the front, or have no shocks at all. Hardtail mountain bikes have suspension on the front and are designed for recreational riding or racing.

Full suspension mountain bikes have suspension in the front and back and there are different categories of full-suspension mountain bikes that fulfill different purposes.

Rigid Mountain Bikes, these are mountain bikes with no shocks, they are the original mountain bikes that have been redesigned for efficiency and are lightweight.

Cross Country Mountain Bikes, these are the most widespread types of mountain bikes: they are lightweight and versatile. Most mountain bike manufacturers have two versions of the cross country mountain bikes.

For example, one that is lightweight and a versatile one for longer rides. The two versions are the Race XC: this type of mountain bike is very light and is made for speed. It has shocks of around 100mm: the bikes in this category can be hardtail or full suspension.

Marathon/Trail XC, these bikes are heavier than their XC counterparts and are built for epic rides. They have suspension of 120mm and are categorised as full suspension bikes.

All Mountain Bikes, these types of mountain bikes can be ridden uphill or downhill making them similar to cross country mountain bikes. They have more suspension at the back and the front around 140-160mm for handling harder obstacles. All mountain bikes are heavier than cross country bikes.

Downhill Mountain Bikes, these bikes are ideal for riding downhill at a faster rate. They are heavy, therefore, making them unsuitable for climbing.

Freeride Mountain Bikes, these bikes are similar to the downhill mountain bikes but are lighter and more manoeuvred. They are made for jumping and performing similar stunts.

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