Cycling Chic

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Beginning with Copenhagen Cycle Chic, the cycle chic blogging phenomenon has swept the globe. A combination of cycling and fashion blogging, they feature photographs of young women wearing stunningly well put-together outfits astride elegant upright bikes, and of bearded fathers cycling around with their pig-tailed daughters in trailers, and bike seats.

Cycling Chic

Where can I see cycle chic?

The short answer is all over the world!

The original blog was started in Copenhagen, and has spread throughout Scandinavia and the world. You can find an Oslo-based cycle chic Flickr account, and Stockholm cycle chic accounts on Flickr, Tumblr, and Pinterest. The Stockholm Cycle Chic blog features a lot of vintage black and white photographs, showcasing the beautiful Swedish architecture.

If your Pinterest boards are full of wool overcoats, chunky scarves, elegant knitwear, and you can’t decide between ankle or knee boots, the Nordic cycle chic pages are for you!

If you are more of a warm weather person, then try following Mexico Cycle Chic or the Los Angeles version. In LA you will see cyclists carrying their surf boards attached to their bikes, and cycling along palm tree-lined roads, with a background of beautiful beaches. Whereas the Mexico blog will offer a colour explosion. Combining the lush greens of South America, with vast cityscapes, you’ll spend hours looking through the pictures and videos of coloured bike frames, Mexican men with effortless beards, and women with stunning tinted sunglasses.

If you are fond of accessories, then you may prefer Barcelona Cycle Chic. There is an incredible array of shoes, bags, and sunglasses to be found – for men as well as women, and you’ll start to see handlebars and bells as accessories in their own right, making your bike look as stylish as you.

These blogs can also be found for Bogota, Talinn, Vienna, Brighton, Rio, Montreal, Łodz, and Cardiff.

How can I get cycle chic?

The key is definitely in the accessories.

Given the changeable British weather, you should start off by looking for warm scarves. There are some incredible geek-chic prints to be found on Etsy, where you can buy Spock-covered, TARDIS-themed, and Zelda-inspired infinity scarves from a number of retailers. If knitwear is more your style, then have a look around on Facebook – chances are that one of your friends knows somebody who knits or crochets. If you are really lucky (or determined) you might be able to find someone whom you can commission to make you a scarf to your exact specifications.

The next accessory you will need is for your bike. Storage. Maybe you want a wicker basket, or Enid Blyton-style leather saddle bags, it is important that you make sure that you have room for your necessities, such as paste sandwiches, lashings of ginger beer, and a cagoule.

The most important accessory is for your head – you will need a helmet. Some may not think them stylish, but the specialist accident lawyers at Carry on Cycling have seen the aftermath of far too many accidents that involved cyclists without helmets. Remember: safety is stylish.