Customized designer scarves for sports fan and supporter

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If you are a person who has designs in mind, but do not have an access to put them to print, then the solution to your problem is Wildemasche. They are an online designer store operating its business through Germany. They are mainly into the business of designing scarves, blankets and beanie caps.

designer scarves for sports

They offer customised designer patterns of knitted sports and fan scarves to any kind of sports fan and supporter. They have a palette of almost 22 colours and a client can choose up to 5 colours on a scarf. All the scarves are jacquard knitted and are either embroidered or woven.

Designer scarves offered by allow a client with an advantage of either choosing from their own collection of designs or providing them a design pattern you wish to own. The backside of the scarves is usually mirror inverted with swapped colours.

Colours that are suitable for your scarves can be picked from their colour palette that presently uses 15 colours. Scarves can be designed using only any 2 colours.

The next addition on their online designer store is the customised blankets and beanie caps. Blankets suitable to baby, kids and standard one is available for shopping on their website.

They offer two kinds of designer blankets, one that will include two colours and the second type uses four colours on the blankets. All the colour combination can be selected from their palette of 15 colours.

All you need to do is to log in to their website and select the kind of product you wish to buy. Customers are provided with a choice to either select products from their online store or a client can mail them a pattern providing all the details that satisfies the requirements. They offer worldwide delivery on their products.