Cricket: Sport and a religion for Indians

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Almost everyone in the world is aware of the cricket sports and they must have seen it at least one time in their life but other sports cannot be judged like this. Why? Because there are so many people who don’t even see or talk about other games but you would be able to see so many topics, news and reports of the Cricket when its matches or leagues starts.


So, it is not a preference of any single person of India but it is a kind of a sports religion because if a child will know that the games are played at the international levels then definitely the example would be given of the cricket sports.

Well, that is quite common and it has a reason for it. This game seems to be a part of all of our lives and seems to be at the higher priority and that is because the cricket was the first evolutionary game which could gain the popularity and success in India at the time of British rules.

Which means it was the first game which attracted us because they used to pay it for their enjoyment and when the India became independent, people of it who were attracted by this game, learned its rules and styles and then this game generated massive amount of the following fans for it.

What does the popularity mean? Well, that is quite simple. When the Indian youth gives it attention to something and when they feel passion for it then it automatically becomes popular and gains their preferences. If we will talk about the cricket sports then it would be better for us to say that this sports have been attracted people massively and thus it have taken extreme level of people’s attraction and attentions which cannot be taken back by any other attraction.

It has become a kind of Anciently preferred game in India and that is why it has bind the entire nation of the India and it reminds them of the nationalism. Every Cricket match or league is special for followers and fans because they prefer it and they accept its flexibility in results all the time. Most importantly, they like to do it.

Author bio: Aravind is a passionate blogger who writes for various sports sites in India. He loves watching Mahabharatham Serial, a popular Indian Tamil TV serial.