Coasteering – The Real Adventure of Sporting

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Hello adrenaline-junkies, are you planning for an adventure? Then here is happy news for you.  Get ready to experience the new way of sporting through coasteering. Well, what is Coasteering?

Coasteering is an adventure race encompasses all about intertidal swimming, shore-scrambling, rock-hopping, swell-riding, cave-exploring and yeah, cliff-jumping. Whoa! Doesn’t sound interesting? You can experience the best liquid refreshment or extreme rock pooling and discover wildlife and coastline at the most intimate close- quarters.

Who needs gym? This ultimate all round sport build strength and co-ordination and thus burn your calories! Rocky coasts ‘the eco-adventure playground’ is perfect for the whole package of this venture, hence they are the destinations of coasteering.

It has been practiced informally for a long time but towards the end of 20th century a guide company scripted it as coasteering and it became popular by that name. Today, it is commercially guided recreational activity conducted by several operators with amazing offers.

They take you to the destination and provide all the basic safety equipments and guide you throughout. There is nothing to scare about, as their safety kit includes buoyancy aid, wetsuit, helmet etc and two guides will always there with you. You can enjoy this adventure alone, or with family and friends. Most operators run this as half day program for families and whole day package for teens and adults.

Coasteering in Newquay

If you are looking for a good coasteering spot, then Newquay’s rugged Atlantic coast in UK is perfect. Coasteering Newquay is as beautiful as a dream. You can have good length of time in water and real venture in wildlife.

Newquay has finest locations to choose according to your desire. All includes whirlpools, caves, tunnels, jumps, swell, cauldron etc. There are lots of coasteering sessions available in Newquay to guide you around this fantastic rocky coastline.

Coasteering in Newquay is all about towering sea cliffs, cliff jumping from 4ft to 35ft, scrambling over rocks and rock climbing, adventure swimming, swimming with local marine life, exploring sea caves, discovering old smugglers path, spinning in stoppers, whirling in whirlpools etc.

Hence get ready to enjoy coasteering in Newquay and explore the ultimate rock and ocean wilderness.