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You would have come across many encyclopedias for many categories. But, clapwayTV is a premier and exclusive information bank for adventures that too in the visual medium. Yes, it is a Video Encyclopedia, displaying many adventurous activities. It contains only the professional grade video contents. You will be able to discover many new film makers and enjoy the many unique video clips, they have released.


The specialty of this TV is that leaves the copyright and non-exclusive license with the respective film makers; the film makers always remain the owners of the adventurous shots.

Normally, vendors like Google will show the advertisements of clapwayTV on the websites on the internet and also will use the cookies to serves the advertisements, basing your previous visits to the website of the TV. But, the film makers have option to opt out of the above options, by visiting the respective pages in the website.

It contains many features, classified location-wise as adventures in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica. Further, the videos are of the genre like “high spirited”, “My journey”, “Time lapses”, “Vlog” and “We help”.

In each category, you will be able to sort the videos, date-wise, title-wise. Also, there are facilities to gird view and list view also with small/ medium/ large thumbnails.

There have been featured sunning video clippings on many adventures like crazy flying on the air over the sea, walking around the volcanoes, cliff diving, mountain trekking/ climbing, sceneries in the remote/ central Australia. The Adventures of Marco Polo is a type of drama adventure released in 1938 directed by Samuel Goldwyn.

If you desire your video on adventure to find a place on this TV, you may enter into your site and contact them, accept for their policies or agreement terms.