How To Choose A Surfboard Leash?

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Surfboard leash is an important surfboard accessory which is designed for safety in a form of cord. It attaches the ankle of the surfer to the surfboard (through a tail end).

When you are going to purchase a surfboard leash, you need to consider several factors. And, remember one thing all leashes aren’t made equal.

So, if you are wondering about how to choose a surfboard leash, take a look:

What is the right leash length?

The leash should be at least the length of your board. It gives you sufficient room while mullering between you and your board.

If the leash is short, you may end up hitting the board or getting hit by your board.

  1. If you are new to surfing, go for a leash which is a foot longer than your board.
  2. If you want complete control of your board, then buy a leash 6 inches bigger than your board.
  3. If you want to surf big waves, the more giant the wave is, the longer should be your leash.
  4. The more the length of the leash is, the higher the drag will be in the waves.
  5. A leash stretches when used again and again

Do you want swivels?

Swivels make your leash free from getting tangled in your feet. A strangling leash could be annoying and dangerous. So, you get buy a leash with one swivel at least.

What leash thickness you want?

The drag of the leash depends on its thickness. When you are surfing small waves, you should get a thinner leash as there is less drag and it is easy to catch the waves.

But if you want to surf big waves, then go for thicker leash. It will last longer.

Selecting the right cuff

One of the factors to consider when getting cuff is its comfort level. See the padding and go for a cuff with double wrap round for additional security.

You can also get a cuff with key pocket. They are handy in keeping your key safe while you have a paddle. You can also keep your fin key.

The rail saver

Ensure that the rail saver is big enough to secure the board rails but not very thick is it makes dragging too much. All rail savers look alike but one should check them before purchasing.

So, if you consider these factors, you can buy your leash easily. All you need to do is choose the right color and commence surfing.