Champions League Is The Best In The Football World

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The greatest contest of European club football is the Champions League. The UEFA Union of European Football Associations manages the Champions league. The tournament was formerly known as the ‘European Cup’ and was introduced by a French journalist L’Equipe in 1955.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid against Gare...The tournament was renamed as UEFA Champions League in 1992-93. The seasonal tournament is where Europe’s top 32 compete with each other for the European Champion Club’s Cup.

The football played in the tournament is of the highest quality comprising of the best teams and best players the world has to offer. The introduction of the group stages helps teams to understand the plans and strategies of other teams better.

Why is the league so popular

The leading national clubs of every European country that are members of UEFA are permitted to participate in the football tournament. The only nation to be lined is Liechtenstein due to the absence of a domestic football league in the country.

The Champions League is popular with the football fanatics as the best players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Ribery, Neimar, Rooney and several others can be seen in action.

The tournament is very popular universally and is a major event that obtains widespread media coverage. Real Madrid, the Spanish club is the one with the most Champions league trophies, winning it 9 times followed by Bayern Munich that won it 5 times.

Progression of the tournament

The tournament is divided in group stages, qualifying stage and the knockout stages, which has two rounds for teams playing both home and away matches. Then they qualify for the quarter final rounds, the semifinals and the finals. The group stage includes four football teams each in 8 groups.

Each team requires playing against the other three teams for qualifying as the leader of the group. The knockout is played by the first and second team of each group that qualifies to play the round. Then each team has to play with each other at their home turf and also away till they reach the finals. The venue for the Champions League finals, which receives great attention throughout the world, is finalized by the UEFA.