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How to Avail the Benefits Of Professional Stand-Up Paddle

If you are a sports-loving person who likes surfing, then it is quite significant that you would like to stay involved in time to time sports routine. And it would be really very amazing if you get a chance to do some sports activities in your area with some teams and competitors! It would definitely… Read More »

What Is A Surf Wax and How To Apply It Correctly?

What Is A Surf Wax? It’s a kind of wax that surfers apply on their surf board (on the top surface or deck). It is generally made up of paraffin, beeswax or other hard waxes. In some of these waxes petroleum jelly may also be present to make them softer. Applying the wax on a… Read More »

How To Choose A Surfboard Leash?

Surfboard leash is an important surfboard accessory which is designed for safety in a form of cord. It attaches the ankle of the surfer to the surfboard (through a tail end). When you are going to purchase a surfboard leash, you need to consider several factors. And, remember one thing all leashes aren’t made equal.… Read More »

E-Joy Surfing Body Board For Perfect Surfing Experience

Surfing is the sport of skill. Mostly, people need to use their body strength, skills and strategy to learn this sport but the surf boards also play really very big part in the overall performance of surfing. If you will make right choice of surf board then you will see that your surfing performance will… Read More »

Learning How To Surf on Cape Cod is Fun and Safe

Surfing is a very attractive activity that can be fun for the whole family. Watching people surfing also provides us great amusement. You can just imagine the pleasure, excitement, and fun of actually being part of the surfing activity! Well, this is a really very amazing activity and if you are looking to try it… Read More »

Salt fish surf company

Are you into surfing, skating or yoga? Do you love finding unique, eco friendly companies? If you answered yes to either of these questions then you are going to love the Salt fish surf company. They are currently running a kick starter campaign which will allow them to create a range of practical and stylish… Read More »

An unique way of making a surfboard!

The world is facing one of the worst crisis since time immemorial and the crisis is global warming. The whole world is getting warmer and all of us should be seriously concerned not only for ourselves but for our children and grandchildren. Just the other day the whole world met in Paris to try and… Read More »

Relishing Beach Activities In An Optimum Way With Special Clothes and Gears

Surfing turned out is extremely popular during the 1950s when some popular musicians commenced singing about their surfing experiences. In fact, there were special books and movies produced which described special beach actives that included wakeboarding as well. People specifically visit beaches and coasts for relishing surfing only. They desire to move to those areas… Read More »