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Tips for choosing the best kayak paddles

Kayaking, being a water sport necessitates the use of paddle to move the yak in the water. It is different from normal kayaking as the paddle comes decked with two blades rather than one. It is crucial that you select the best kayak paddle or you might not be comfortable while paddling. They are available… Read More »

Deep Sea Fishing Key West at its Best

There’s no place better for deep sea fishing year round in the US than Key West, where you’ll find offshore sport fishing at its best! Anglers from all over the United States and North America flock to the Southernmost Island for the amazing offshore sport fishing that put this small island on the map. Proximity… Read More »

Key West, Florida is the Sport Fishing Capital of the US? You betcha!

What Seasoned Anglers Know and Love About Fishing Key West There’s a reason Key West and the Florida Keys are often called the Sport Fishing Capital of the world: the weather is good year round and the warm, nutrient rich Gulfstream just a few miles offshore attracts game fish in good size and numbers. Since… Read More »

Enjoy the Fun of Deep Sea Fishing with Key West Fishing Captain Richard Houde

Sea is really very attractive for almost all the tasks and it possess the ability to make everything unique and quite enjoying as well. Only beautiful scenery of the sea can make you smile and gaze so what will happen when you will actually go there? Well of course, this would be amazing experience because… Read More »

Common Facts about the Redfin / Yellow Perch

Redfin perch is the common name for European Perch, their name comes from their red lower fins, while the rest of the fish can range from a green to grey upper body with black vertical lines down each side. In America these red finned varieties of perch are either not present or if they are,… Read More »