Tips for Buying Your First Billiard Pool Table

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If you are planning to buy a great billiards pool table, the question probably you would have in mind is which one to buy?

If you really want to purchase a professional billiard pool table then let me tell that you would need to do some best research from your side.

As it is one great investment you would be making, you should choose the just right one that serves your purpose at least for few years.

As such there are so many sellers and distributors online as well as offline who can offer you pool tables in various price ranges.

Let us start with mentioning the most recognizable brands, when it comes to buying billiards tables. These are:

1- Brunswick Billiards is one of the best recognized name in billiard table industry. They are providing various levels and styles of pool tables since 1845.

2- Presidential Billiards is USA based company that offers various types of pool tables, billiard accessories, cues, and much more for game enthusiasts. Their main aim is to provide best accuracy with beauty and stability.

3- American Heritage deals in various styles and sizes of table. You can choose from the best modern as well as contemporary models of tables that suits your style.

You can choose the one from the above mentioned brands or can do further research to find few more. Also you can consider getting a used pool table at sites like

Rack n Roll Billiards offers variety of different used pool tables for sale. All these tables are in good condition and are made available to customers at a very affordable price.

Whichever brand you choose, important is to get them installed with a professional service provider. Again Rack n Roll Billiards Services LLC can provide you best service when it comes to pool table moving, installation, leveling and repair services.

Now if you have decided about the brand, next comes the design and different styles to choose from. Usually a standard pool table measures 96 inches in length.

However there are factors like color of the cloth, style of the table, and wood type which makes these tables different from each other. Based on all these factors and your room size, you can get a table that suits your budget and style perfectly well.

Before buying a pool table, it is also good to determine your basic gaming requirements. For most of the people buying a pool billiards table is a one-time investment and therefore it is important to ensure that you want to buy a table for commercial use or just for enjoying the game casually with your friends on weekends.

This will help you in deciding the best about which pool table and brand you want to go with.