Boxing – An Excellent Wild Game

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There are so many wild type of sports available starting from the gladiator age. Some of the famous wild games are rugby, kick boxing, karate, martial arts, etc. Among these many wild sports the boxing is a special one which has huge number of fans worldwide.

In the earlier days people feared to participate in boxing because of its wild nature. Later by the participation of world famous wrestlers and boxers, the boxing game got a new version.

Headgear and boxing gloves are mandatory in Ol...One such legendary player in boxing is Mohammed Ali. Boxing needs lot of energy, stamina and mental confidence. A person with good stamina and energy level can withstand and fight against the opponent easily. There is no team work in boxing like other sports and games. In boxing you have to prove yourself by the strength and confidence.

Boxing which started as early as 680 BC by Greeks is now a very popular game in the world. It is one of the combat sports in which two people fight with each other. The one who is unable to proceed further is declared to be the loser. This game is supervised by referee. In olden days there were 15 rounds which are now minimized to 12 of three minute session each.

There would be about 3 judges in the game. The referee would be continuously monitoring the game for the fowls or cheats. When any one of the player becomes weak and seems impossible to precede further then the referee gives the countdown from 10 to 1.

If the person is unable to get up for fight till the countdown ends, then the other person would be declared as the winner. If he comes up for fighting then the match will be continued till 12 rounds and the scores would be compared to decide the winner.

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