Benefits of Sports Mouth Guards Offered by Oral Mart

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Sports Mouthguard is basically a device which acts a mouth protector; it is also a flexible as well as a customized device which can be worn over the teeth during athletic activities to protect them from damage.

If you have fixed anterior bridgework or wearing braces then an excellently fitted Sports Mouthguards from Oral Mart is the one most important thing for you.

Who All Should Wear a Mouth Guard?

Sports people have to use mouth guards for lacrosse, ice hockey, football and field hockey. It can also be used in 29 sports/exercise activities like basketball, acrobatics, discus throwing, boxing, handball, gymnastics, racquetball, martial arts, shot putting, rugby, skiing, skateboarding, soccer, skydiving, surfing, squash, water polo, volleyball, weightlifting and wrestling.

Also, if there is a slight chance of coming in contact with other players wearing a mouth guard makes sense.

The Numerous Advantages of a Mouth Guard

When a sports person wears mouth guard by Oral Mart  it serves as an important precaution for athletes of all ages and abilities. It help to protect against tooth loss, broken teeth and root damage.

They also act as safeguard against serious injuries like that of jaw fracture, concussion, cerebral haemorrhage and neck injuries as they help to avoid tuitions where the lower jaw jams into the upper jaw.

Sports mouth protectors can provide a psychological benefit for an athlete. As a best option an athlete will be able to feel more confident when they know they have proper mouth protection. Additionally it also:

  • Enables speaking
  • Is tear-resistant and odourless
  • It does not limit breathing
  • It is durable as well as easy to clean
  • Provides a high degree of comfort and fit
  • Stays firmly in place during action

If you are interested in protecting your mouth guard for long, you are advised to consult with your dentist as to when you should replace your mouth guard. You should replace it immediately if there is any sign of wear and tear, or if it has been damaged or if it is ill fitting.