Beach Cabana Making Your Outdoor Adventures More Exciting

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At the beach, venturing on a camping expedition, or enjoying a picnic with your family and friends, do not forget to take the instant pop up beach cabana, which could be an indispensable accessory to protect you from the sun and the vagaries of nature. Studying the exclusive features of this sun umbrella, you can well understand the usefulness anywhere and in any condition.

You can make this sun shelter a portable and versatile one with the floor area being able to accommodate up to 6 persons. When inflated, this beach shade instantly pops up and makes room for your party to begin, with the floor extendable up to 80 inches. It is designed with windows that can be opened or closed according to your requirement. Open them if you want to let the breeze come in, or close them if you find the outside temperature uncomfortable.

You can also easily fold it into a compact pack to be carried inside a bag wherever you go. Even in heavy breezy conditions, this sun tent will stand upright because of the strings and the stakes that hold it firmly onto the ground. The inner lining is made of a fabric colored in silver to protect you from the UV Rays and also makes it light in weight for excellent portability to be carried easily wherever you go.

Other features of this sports umbrella, which makes it the choice of millions, include quality accessories to erect the pop up tent, of your choice which include full, half and clear walls. This product is ready for shipment within a short time after ordering and can easily be maintained and stored.

It is a great product that is innovatively designed for those seeking outdoor adventures. Every minute you spend under this beach shade, you will feel excited. Apply promo code 1tent10P to claim 10% off discount.