Annual events no sports fan should ever miss

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Being a sports fan includes so many things nowadays and describes a great number of people – from the basic ones who are just watching the games and moderately supporting their favorite team, to those whose dedication to sports overpowers all other aspects of their personality. And with so many of them all around the world, it does not come as surprising that there are also various films, TV shows and literature depicting these people, from the 1996 film The Fan starring Robert De Niro and Wesley Snipes, to Nick Hornby’s 1992 autobiographical book Fever Pitch later adapted into two films. However, all sports fans, no matter how passionate they are, have one thing in common: they simply cannot miss an important annual event such as the World Series or the NBA finals. They must attend these games and watching them at home just is not enough. Therefore, here are some of the events that every true sports fan must participate in at least once in their life.

Dodgers dividen serie con los Mets

 The Super Bowl

Probably the single most popular sports event of the season, much widely watched than any of the football World Cup Finals ever, this piece of sports history is so important and deeply embodied in the US society today that it cannot be described as anything short of a complete sports extravaganza. With so many things included in it and a limitless number of factors surrounding its existence, the Super Bowl is more than a culmination of an exciting NLF season – it is de facto the only important moment every player, coach, team member, owner and, ultimately, fan, look forward to. Because you can have a terrible season and play badly almost all the time, but if you manage to pull out a Hail Mary at the end of the playoffs and reach this glorious day as one of the two teams left standing – and then manage to win – your season and entire existence is finally worth it! Surrounded by many sponsors, famous people, celebrity endorsements and appearances, the Super Bowl is today what a gladiators’ fight in the Colosseum once was – the climax and the praise to the most extraordinary men of our generation with spectators all over the world tuning in and cheering until the referees’ final whistle.

 The World Series

Baseball’s equivalent to the Super Bowl is almost equally popular, but has a different philosophy – it is not just one game, but a series of seven and the first team that reaches four victories is crowned champions and awarded the much desired Commissioner’s Trophy. Taking place in October – hence the alternative name the Fall Classic – this sports event attracts millions of viewers, and due the fact that it includes more than one game, there are more of those who can enjoy the games live. While it is almost exclusively considered impossible to reach the tickets, this is actually not in the range of science fiction any more – if you plan in advance or have a good ticket service, you can obtain those Dodgers vs Angels tickets in no time and enjoy the Freeway Series live for a decent amount of money.


The NBA Finals

This is another seven-game system where the champions of the Eastern and the Western Conference meet to determine the best overall team. A number of famous duels and rivalries were popularized in the NBA finals and no matter which generation we talk about, every true sports fan will remember Celtics/Lakers, Bulls/Jazz or Heat/Spurs games with a great smile on their faces. This is what basketball is really about – being able to endure the tiring seventy-two-game season and the entire playoffs and then beat your biggest opponent four times! The amount of fandom and popularity of this event is, therefore, something that does not surprise anyone.

The Stanley Cup Finals

Thought to be the most masculine sport among the Big Four Leagues, hockey surely is among the most tiring and physically exhausting things professional athletes do. However, those who live through the whole season of being punched, hit and pushed around the ice and then the playoffs and the seven-game series are the true champions of the NHL and should deserve nothing short of the giant statue of almost ninety centimeters in height and weighing over fifteen kilograms. This cup – also known as simply the Cup or the Lord Stanley’s Cup or Mug, as well as the journalistically popular the Holy Grail – is a sight for the sore eyes of the players as well as the spectators. Again, even though tickets for these games are thought to be virtually unobtainable, the larger capacities of the arenas and good planning skills will surely get you to the walls of the hockey rink.

A Ticket for Everyone

When you compare the feeling of cheering your team while they are battling for the championship to the feeling of seeing them to that over TV, only the first one is worthy of a true sports fan. That is why a number of them get their tickets several months of even a whole year in advance, and do not have to fear for their seat in the arena. And this is what a real fan deserves to experience.