An unique way of making a surfboard!

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The world is facing one of the worst crisis since time immemorial and the crisis is global warming. The whole world is getting warmer and all of us should be seriously concerned not only for ourselves but for our children and grandchildren. Just the other day the whole world met in Paris to try and come up with ways that will help end global warming.


Recycling is one of the sure ways of handling global warming. So when I heard that there is possibility of recycling packaging form into something as useful as a surfing board I got so excited.

Creating more than two hundred surfboards a week out of waste that would otherwise do a lot of harm to the environment is news that should excite anyone who cares about the environment and the future of this globe.

Acquiring a surfboard is very expensive and very few people can afford one, but with these surfboards that will be made from recycled materials, anyone dreaming of surfing could easily afford one and that would help to lift a lot of children out of poverty because they will have their dreams come true and on top of that have opportunity to travel the world from this amazing sport.

Kickstarter deciding to launch such a project is a real encouragement to all young people out there to continue being innovative, because one day someone will notice their effort and go out of his way to help them.

The designer of this surfboard for sure deserves financial help to achieve his goal and realize his dreams. Kickstarter launching the project is a step in the direction and with more publicity, this project for sure will grab the attention of all people out there who really care about environment and will assist this awesome designer to rid the environment of unnecessary waste.

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