Acknowledge All Netball Positions

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If you’re a fan of Netball games, then you probably would have known the meaning of alphabets on the bibs and the restriction of the players within the defined areas of the court. Well, this guide shall describe the layman terms and make it simpler for you. There are 7 different netball positions and each one represents different play areas.


(C) Centre

It is the Center who commences the game by keeping the ball in her hand and standing in the centre third small circle. The Centre can travel across the netball.

(WA) Wing Attack

She is responsible for the movement of the ball from the centre down to the third goal and for giving the ball in the hands of the shooter.

(GS) Goal Shooter

Her major role is to earn points by popping the ball in the hoop. The result of the game totally depends on the aggregate shots made by her.

(GA) Goal Attack

The GA’s role is to set up offensive plays and shoot goals. They offer the ball to GS for shooting. They work in collaboration with the GS.

(WD) Wing Defence

The wing Defence works on the defensive side, till there’s a turnover and the ball has to be brought down the attacking side. She defends the opposition players, especially the WA and stops the ball from going to the goal circle.

(GD) Goal Defence

The major role of GD is to protect the ball from going to the opposition shooters where they can comfortably shoot the ball. They look for chances to intercept the ball and acquire turnovers.

(GK) Goal Keeper

The major role of GK is to safeguard the goal circle and secure the shooters of the opposition and save them from hitting goals. She is regarded as the last defence line.

These are the 7 netball positions which all game watchers and players should know.