A baseball fans guide to enjoying the NFBC game day

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There is nothing quite like attending the ballpark to cheer on your favorite baseball team during a match.

If you’re a Fantasy Baseball player and are looking for a fresh new challenge every year, the National Fantasy Baseball Championship (NFBC) is surely for you.


Believe it or not, NFBC is a preeminent place to play season-long fantasy baseball not only because of the huge league prizes that are at stake but also because you can meet new fans just like yourself from all across the country. Some of these competitors can even become your friends for life.

Those who are not the players themselves but enjoy watching baseball online can also enjoy NFBC. Do not miss the game as you never know who will be the winner and how much will they going to win.

If you are inviting family and friends around to your house to watch the game, you could turn it into a proper get-together. As such, consider organizing some pre-and post-game entertainment to whet people’s appetites for the game ahead.

Ensure that your refrigerator is well-stocked with chilled drinks – no one wants the horror of discovering that they have run out of drinks just as the game starts. If you are hosting a group of friends during the game, consider what they like to drink. Beer is a classic matchday drink, and you may want to toast an impressive win with a post-game whiskey.

Ensure that you have a good choice of non-alcoholic options, too, such as orange juice or iced tea. Some guests may be driving or – as game day is likely to be a long day – prefer to pace themselves to avoid an unpleasant hangover the following day.

Prepare snacks and get your baseball jersey ready

You and your guests might get a bit hungry during the game, but be reluctant to leave the TV screen in case you miss any action. Prepare some snacks ahead of the game for people to graze on, such as chips and dips, or a simple bowl of peanuts.

If your guests are staying after the match, it might be wise to pre-prepare a more substantial post-match dish. A bowl of chili with tortilla chips is easy to make and guests can serve themselves, or you could recreate the feel of your favorite sports bar with plates of spicy chicken wings and sliders.

Wearing an official replica jersey for your favorite baseball team is a great way of showing your support and connecting with other fans on matchday. However, when emotions are high with food and drink around, it’s all too easy for your jersey to become stained, and no one wants to turn up to a game with a dirty jersey.

Make sure that your baseball jersey has been freshly washed and ironed so that you can watch the game with the reassurance that you smell and look fresh.