5 tips for the best pool and billiards stroke

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There’s no doubt that the stroke is one of the most important parts of playing pool and billiards. If you do it right, you’ll increase your chances of winning the match. If you consistently do it wrong, you might get some bad habits which, with time, will be quite difficult to get rid of.


So, in this article I’m going to share with you 5 tips for the best stroke.

  1. The cue should be set in the desired aiming line direction. Your cue tip should also be at the desired cue ball contact point. Leave only a small gap between the cue tip and ball.
  2. To ensure that you are relaxed and settled, take several slow warm-up strokes. This will also help you keep your aim true during the stoke.
  3. When you feel confident that you’re ready to take the shot, shift your eye gaze from the contact point to your target before the final backstroke.
  4. Smoothly and slowly pull back the cue and pause for an instant at the end of your backstroke. You should still have your focus and gaze on the target.
  5. Smoothly speed up to impact and follow through. Try keeping everything still except the area below your elbow. Freeze after your stroke and keep your body, head, and cue still after impact.Now all you have to do is practice these tips and tricks. If you’re in Thailand and you want to play a match of pool and billiards in Bangkok, then I recommend you visit Hustlers Bangkok. They’ve got the best pool tables and the friendliest staff in the entire Kingdom. Visit their website at www.hustlersbangkok.com.