5 Must-Have Accessories for a Wildlife Photographer

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If you’re among those beginners desirous to turn into a wildlife photographer, and likely to embark on your foremost endeavor, it is always ideal for you to spend sufficient time to go through different blogs of great wildlife and nature photographers.

It can obviously be presumed that you have enough knowledge in photography and have been equipped with all important apparatus, which are primary needs for wildlife photography. To name a few among them are a suitably ideal camera, different kinds of lenses, binocular or a monocular and a series of accessories.

When it comes to accessories, many beginners make negligible to big mistakes often and notably, even a minor fault can make the entire project a mass. As per opinion of famous American wildlife photographer Jack Elway that, due to this,  you should make a proper check list at the time of backpacking prior to kicking off your first endeavor.

Indeed, wildlife photography is extremely rewarding and gratifying while the entire course is super-thrilling, exciting and enjoyable. As a nature or wildlife photographer, the first thing that you should keep in mind is that you will require shooting under varied conditions, weathers and settings. Therefore, aside from all major tools, never forget to outfit you with a few accessories stated below:

Camera Bag and Rain Cover

Both wildlife and nature photographers time and again come across heavy shower to drizzling climate. Needs no mention that sudden wetting of camera can be extremely damaging for it. Therefore, to stay away from experiencing such frustrating event, get a good rain coat as well as a 100% waterproof camera bag.

Lens Cleaning Materials

During the course, many times you may find anything like dried leaves or grass tops on the lens and that require cleaning. It is, at all not recommended to make use your T-shirt corner while packing some dry dust free fabric pieces in a separate box in the frontal folds of your backpack is the best idea.


Equipping you with a tripod is a must for you when it comes to wildlife photography. Tripod comes in different types and is a very supportive tool, especially when you employ long lenses to get the best photography of wildlife likely to appear. Always go for a high quality tripod which is long lasting, lightweight and handy.

LED torch and Headlamp

As experienced by Jack Elway the great US photographer that most photographers get high-class wildlife images during the very early morning and late evening hours when the day light is negligible. This needs you to carry both a headlamp as well as a torch. Headlamp is a great tool that enables you to keep your hands free whereas in order to locate or view something from a distant place you can make use of LED torch.

Bean Bag

As per seasoned photographers who often go for wildlife snapshots that many times tripod or a monopod may not be helping while packing a good quality bean bag is a great idea. As this supports your camera, especially when you make use of large telephotos that may not well fit within your camera bag.