UGA Party Bus: Get Ready For The Excitement

By | June 1, 2015

A party bus as the name suggests is a conventional bus model carrying its passengers exclusively for the purpose of partying. In the recent times many tend to stick to party buses to celebrate birthday, graduation or as an alternate recreational activity.


One such provider of party bus services are the UGA Partybus is the transportation provider to bring together the passenger, provider and activity all under a single roof. They aid in providing football sports between two teams. They usually provide party services on a weekly basis.

To participate in the UGA Partybus all you have to do is to purchase a ticket from them and then wait for the date of competition.

Services Provided

  • Travel from Buckhead Atlanta to Athens
  • Free Beer on all the way throughout the game
  • Discounts and drinks at various spot during halts
  • Full time music and partying

With the services provided above they also tend to stick to certain rules that they never seem to break at any cost:

  • All passengers must be above the age of 21
  • Any damage to the bus while partying is to be borne by passengers
  • The scheduled events can be cancelled at any time and they are the discretion of UGA Partybus. In case of cancellation passengers will be informed and further refunds initiated.